1. Account Settings

  • Account Settings
    • Ensure you have access to the Facebook Ad Account
    • Ensure you have at least Ad Account Advertiser permissions
    • Ensure you have access to the linked Facebook page with correct permissions
    • Ensure that billing information is up-to-date
    • Ensure the brand Facebook page is up-to-date with all pertinent business information

2. Tracking & Audiences

  • Tracking
    • What are the account goals?
    • What are the KPIs?
    • Ensure conversion tracking is set up and working correctly
  • Audiences
    • Ensure custom audiences have been created
    • Are look-a-like audiences being leveraged?
    • Ensure ads target large enough audiences

3. Campaign Structure & Settings

  • Campaign Settings
    • Is there any nomenclature in place to keep campaigns organized?
    • Take note of which campaign types are being leveraged in the account
    • Ensure the campaign budget is adequare based on performance metrics

4. Ad Sets, Ads & Landing Pages

  • Ad Sets
    • Is there any nomenclature in place to help keep ad sets organized?
    • Ensure there is only 1 active ad per ad set
    • Ensure that ads are serving on both Desktop and Mobile newsfeeds
    • Enusre location targeting is accurate and appropriate for the ads being served
    • Ensure the appropriate age ranges are being targeted
    • Are ads optimized for conversions or clicks?
    • Ensure the ad set budgets are adequate based on performance metrics
  • Ads
    • Ensure no ads have been disapproved
    • Ensure ads are free of typos/grammar issues and have a relevant CTA
    • Check ad relevancy scores
    • Ensure that ads are being tested against one another
    • Ensure ads have been updated in the past month to avoid ad fatigue
  • Landing Pages
    • Ensure no landing pages have errors or load issues
    • Ensure landing pages are responsive/appropriate for each device you are serving ads on
    • Ensure the landing page content aligns with the ad messaging and goal for your campaign