1. Determining Measurements

  • How to determine what to measure
    • Identify both core and supporting goals (# of leads vs. tight reporting)
    • Identify which metric is the OBM (One Big Metric)

2. SMART Goals

  • How to set SMART goals
    • Analyze previous performance / evaluate current position
    • Discuss with client
    • Set short term AND long term goals
    • Set a timeline for achievement & evaluation

3. Action Plan

  • Create an action plan
    • Break OBM down by area of SOW
    • Develope strategies by area of SOW
    • Create a timeline for completion
    • Build out Stack Rank document

4. Goal Pacing

  • Monitoring Goal Pacing
    • Adding OBM to Quarter Goal Tracking Sheet
    • Building an easily extractable report
    • Creating a schedule to review
    • Adding milestones by percentages

5. Goal Performance

  • How to analyze overall goal performance
    • Compare results to the goal
    • Adapt your goal for the next quarter