1. Installation

  • Ensure Google Analytics is installed on every page
    • Use Tag Assistant to see if tag is green & installed correctly
    • Double-check other source to ensure Google Analytics is installed correctly

2. Goals

  • Are there any goals inside of Analytics?
    • Do they have any completions in the last month?
    • Do you understand how the goal is being fired?
    • Are all goals unique & only being recorded once?
    • Do they have event based goals & destination goals?
      • Are the event-based goals properly configured?
    • Do all goals have a value associated with them?
    • Do these goals effectively measure KPI’s?

3. Events

  • Do you currently have Events firing?
    • Are your events firing correctly? Use network activity or Tag Assistant to check!
      • Recording events but can't see them? Are you using Tag Manager?
    • Are you using non-interaction events? (Read more)
    • Do you have values associated with all events?
    • Do you have an event matrix to know what is being tracked? (Review this template)
    • Are we missing the tracking of any major interactions on the site?

4. Filters

  • Is this account using Google Analytics filters?
    • Do they have both account & view level filters installed?
      • Are the view filters actually working?
    • Are both client IP & WMX IP filtered out?
    • Are they filtering out Spam referrals?
    • Are they using a filter to properly adjust capitalization?
    • Can you find custom filters associated with this account?

5. Segments

  • Do you have segments & advanced segments set up?
    • Do you have both condition based & sequence based segments?

6. Annotations

  • Can you see any annotations for the past year?
    • What major changes have happened to the site in the past year? Where should they be annotated?

7. Custom Reports

  • Do they have custom reports set up?
    • Review all current custom reports in this view
    • What are our big initiatives currently & could we use a custom report to review them?
    • Are your current custom reports attached to a dashboard or sent out regularly?

8. Dashboards

  • Do they have any Dashboards set up?
    • Could you make the current dashboard better?

9. Integrations

  • Are you happy with how their settings & integrations are set up?
    • Is Search Console claimed AND linked to Google Analytics?
    • Is Adwords linked to Google Analytics?
      • Are they sharing goals? Do you know what goals are shared?
    • Is Callrail a goal in Google Analytics?
    • Is Optimizely linked to Google Analytics
    • Do they have internal search? If so, is Site Search set up?
    • Do you have custom alerts set up?